Yacht Harbour „Bolter Kanal“

On the edge of the Müritz National-Park there is one of the most attractive natural harbor in this area, the »Bolter Kanal«.

Already in the twenties there was a marina. In the meantime, the former waterway to and from Berlin was filled up at the Bolter mill, but has lost none of its maritime-romantic flair.

We look forward to you!
We are open from 01.04 to 31.10.

Paddle boats and trailers will find ideal conditions here: :

  • The channel is 10-15 m wide and has a maximum water depth of 1.10 m. 
  • If you approach the Bolter Kanal coming from the Müritz, you will reach at a 300 m long dock for boats up to 4 m wide. It is always laid alongside. 
  • The berths in the Bolter Canal area are partially reserved for charter boats. 
  • There are around 20 guest berths available. Please register at the reception before picking a berth, phone: 039823-2530
  • Parking for cars and trailers as well as two sanitary buildings are located directly on the property of the holiday park Müritzparadies. 
  • If required, the washing machine and dryer can be used in the reception building of the holiday village.

Price List for the yacht harbour "Bolter Kanal"

From 01.04 to 31.10.2020
All prices incl. VAT / per day
Boats / per meter, incl. electricity  1,40
Adults  1,00
Children 5 - 16 years  0,50
Short term visitor (until 3 hours) €  3,00
Berth at land  €  1,00
Car or trailer €  1,00
Permanent visitor 2020
up to 8,0 m €  647,00 / year
from 8,0 m €  850,00 / year
Mooring fees at the dock
In connection with a holiday house in the holiday park Müritzparadies or a permanent camping pitch at the campsite Bolter Kanal you get a discount of 10%!
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